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  • Promoting good physical fitness through outdoor recreation activities
  • Assisting in the preservation of natural sites of panoramic, heritage and historical interest
  • Promotion of non-motorized tourism and education for this purpose
  • Promoting the consolidation of unifying environmental interests across the country

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    Piece by piece, the scenic 10,000 kilometre foot trail is growing to connect the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our long-held vision of a greenway connecting existing natural-surface pedestrian trail systems with parklands and wild places is becoming a reality. Already, trails spanning much of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick are in use. Once established, the trail corridor will help to protect our heritage of natural landscapes and historic places, and provide passage, habitat, and refuge for wildlife.








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    Best Hikes in the World to put on your Bucket List!

    Hiking is not for the faint-hearted. And neither does everyone catch up a liking for it. But if hiking is your passion, you sure fall into that adrenaline-rush loving, adventurous clan!! For those who don’t like hiking, we have come up with a breath-taking list of hikes around the world that are so beautiful; you can’t help but pack off to one of these gorgeous destinations! And for the hiking-lovers out there, this is the ultimate checklist for you guys! Take a note, hike your heart out and then proudly strike them off your list! Off we go…

    Tiger’s Nest

    Tiger’s Nest is a Buddhist monastery that precariously seats itself at the edge of a cliff, 900 m above the ground. It is a pilgrimage which most people visiting Bhutan generally take. It offers a stunning view, amidst the chanting of monks and colourful prayer flags.

    Country: Bhutan
    Distance: 6.5 km
    Time required: 4-6 hours
    Perfect time: October to December
    Difficulty level: Moderate

    Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta

    Situated in the Dolomites, this stunning place is a must go for hikers. It is the perfect combo of lakes, forests, glaciers topped with ample of flora and fauna! There are plenty of easy pathways, but if you’re a severe mountaineer, get your harnesses and ropes and other gear along and conquer the Via Bocchetta di Tuckett!

    Country: Italy
    Distance: 14.5 km
    Time required: 6-7 hours
    Perfect time: July to September
    Difficulty level: Easy/Difficult

    Fitz Roy

    Located on a mountain in Patagonia, this rugged location is adorned with striking rock-formations throughout. Go ahead, explore!!

    Country: Argentina
    Distance: 58 km
    Time required: 4-6 days
    Perfect time: November to April
    Difficulty level: Easy

    Bay of Fires

    Pristine white beaches, clear blue waters and bright orange patched granite is a little gist of what this hike has to offer! Beautified with distinct flora and fauna, this hike is indeed a stunning slice of the Coast of Tasmania.

    Country: Australia
    Distance: 25 km
    Time required: 4 days
    Perfect time: November to March
    Difficulty level: Variable

    Robberg Peninsula

    This place in Garden Route has managed to stun those who hiked around it for the first time! The circular path around the peninsula, not only gives you the thrill of a unique experience, but also a chance to witness the beautiful scenery around.

    Country: South Africa
    Distance: 11 km
    Time required: 4-5 hours
    Perfect time: February to April
    Difficulty level: Easy

    Queen Charlotte Track

    This track is known to capture the true essence of New Zealand’s beauty! Lined with the native bushes, this hike gives you stunning view of the coastal line of this country.

    Country: New Zealand
    Distance: 70 km
    Time required: 3-5 hours
    Perfect time: September to May
    Difficulty level: Variable

    Mount Kilimanjaro

    There’s a lot to Mt. Kilimanjaro than you feel- A dormant volcano and a beautiful mountain which also happens to be Africa’s highest mountain! A variety of flora adorns this mountain. And of course – the marvellous scenes!

    Country: South Africa
    Distance: Depends on your chosen route
    Time required: 5-9 days
    Perfect time: June to October
    Difficulty level: Difficult

    Great Wall of China

    Walking across the Great Wall of China is indeed a memorable experience. This is because some of its sections are well maintained, others are distorted. You get to experience a variety of terrain throughout this hike.

    Country: China
    Distance: 10 km
    Time required: 4-5 hours
    Perfect time: March to November
    Difficulty level: Variable

    Croagh Patrick

    One of the best hikes in the world, it also lists itself as an important Christian pilgrimage. It is also the most climbed mountain in Ireland owing to its beautiful scenic views.

    Country : Ireland
    Distance: 13 km
    Time required: 1 day
    Perfect time: April to October
    Difficulty level: Very difficult

    Israel National Trek

    Ranging from the north to the south of Israel, this really long trek has a lot to offer! Right from the diverse flora and fauna of Israel to its culture and scenic views has made it one of the best hikes that one must try out!

    Country: Israel
    Distance: 1015 km
    Time required: 45-60 days
    Perfect time: February to May
    Difficulty level: Moderate

    What are you waiting for?? Explore and experience oneness with nature!!

    Tips from Solo Female Hikers!

    Hiking is an exciting hobby. Like the hikers say “Some risks are worth taking”. You learn a whole lot of new things on your every hiking quest. You’ll have a lot many experiences- pleasant, dangerous, mind-blowing, good, bad…but through it all, you’ll learn how to survive!
    A lot of females hesitate taking up hiking as a hobby, even though they feel passionate about it. And yes, we do acknowledge their fears and security concerns, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! We have come up with a collection of tips from female solo hikers all around the world. Get to know this first-hand information from these hiking pros themselves!

    April Sylva

    Experience: 1500+ miles

    • Learn to read maps. It’s essential.
    • Use your brain. That’s the only thing that helps when you’ve run out of all options.

    Sage Clegg

    Experience: 9000+ miles solo.

    • Always carry a Runner’s Mace. It provides a good security cover.
    • A Spot Beacon is a must. It’s the best way to communicate or make distress calls.

    Erin Saver

    Experience: 8000+ miles

    • Equip yourself with a messenger device. DeLorme InReach, a two-way messenger, works well.
    • Read blogs written by female solo hikers. They help a lot.

    Liz Thomas

    Experience: 7500+ miles

    • Set up your camp a mile away from the road. Unforeseen things generally happen because people drive through in cars.
    • Keep away from posting your whereabouts on social media, no matter how tempting it is. It is however essential that a few trusted people know your location from time to time.

    Cheryl Hadrych

    Experience: 900+ miles

    • It is not necessary to keep conversing with someone if you don’t want to.

    Some other important tips:

    • Plan your schedule systematically.
    • Make sure you are self-sufficient.
    • Research the trail properly.
    • Take along all the necessary gear.
    • If it’s bear habitat, learn how to use bear sprays and bear canisters.
    • Keep yourself physically fit. Increase your endurance and stamina.
    • Make a checklist. Pack well and pack light.
    • Don’t forget to take your first-aid kit along.
    • Instead of taking heavy books along, bring your Kindle.
    • Take along feel-good stuff like chocolate bars, hot cocoa to treat yourself.
    • Popular solo female hiker blogs that you can follow, to get detailed personal experiences are:
    1. Hiking Lady
    2. Bearfoot Theory
    3. Appalachian Trail Girl
    4. Dirtbag Darling
    5. Lady on a Rock
    6. Hiking for Her
    7. Hike like a woman
    8. Mountain Chicks
    9. Lady Hike
    10. Betty Mountain Girl

    What are you thinking about? Go, conquer your fears and create memories for a lifetime!

    Andrew Mendoza

    “Come be a part of our community. Let’s traverse mountains and the unknown together”

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