A first at the National Trail

The National Trail has finally reached adulthood! Long-haul hikers attacked last summer as they crossed from west to east. Yannick and Kutsa, two seasoned walkers, are veterans of the Appalachian Trail. They met there last year. He is Italian and she is Israeli. Their crossing of the AT was done in seven months. They began their journey on the SNQ in early July and planned to finish it in the fall. Borrowing the open sections, they complete the missing sections by road or recommended paths.

The story has its irony: Yannick and Kutsa were planning a US boat trip from north to south. Current conditions related to the international situation have meant that the trip has fallen into the water, as it has to say. They then heard about the National Trail, after researching to find a new challenge. Bet they will not regret it!

On July 11, they arrive in Wakefield after crossing Gatineau Park. They live at the youth hostel of the place. Monday, July 14, they stop at Val-des-Bois at the Lac Vert campsite. They take a day off to recover from leg bells due to lack of sunscreen and swollen feet. Curiously, they say they have more difficulty walking on the road than on the trail. Their speed is about 3 km / h on the road.
Maurice Paradis, a volunteer at the SNQ, writes us by email: "Day 12; Sunday, July 20 at 10:45, they arrived at Duhamel. They walked the first 10 km and the last 16 km on the closed path of the Papineau-Labelle reserve. The trail has been closed since this winter and our decision was confirmed by the walkers. Flooding of beaver, marsh, clearcut, etc. They say it would have taken more than 3 days if they stayed or tried to stay on the SNQ. They will arrive in Labelle on Thursday and camp at Iroquois Falls. They will take friday off and leave Saturday morning. "Maurice, with a friend, walks in their company on the Hallelujah to Labelle.

The crossing continues more beautiful. On the afternoon of August 12, they must leave the Boule trail, before the river of the same name, the path being soggy because of the showers of the last days. The "industrial quantity" of mosquitoes (dixit Réal Martel, one of their links with the outside world) discourages them. Ah, the trails of the boreal forest of Quebec! But they do not give up: now reached Ste-Émélie for supplies, they thought to continue by the path of the Matawinie, and take a shower in St. Zénon the following Thursday. But it was not counting on an unexpected virus that attacks Kutsa. Rest forced therefore, for a few weeks, provides Real Martel, who writes on August 14: "A few weeks of rest and they will leave Ste-Émélie with Energy".

After a rest of a few weeks indeed, on August 29, it is a new departure from Loretteville to the East. The forgotten part, between Ste.-Émélie and Loretteville will be done on their return, in about a month and a half. "On September 13, they arrive at St. Simeon and will leave Monday to Les Bergeronnes. They liked to cross Charlevoix without a drop of rain. To be continued. Réal ": this last message closes the story at the time of the fall date of the winter review.

National Trail in Quebec

Hiking contributes to the economy!

The economic spinoffs from the project are many. The work is done by volunteers, their communities, and their partnerships, and the partnerships with local authorities reinforce the impact of sport and physical well-being in the population.
The partners are:
  • Hiking clubs
  • Scouts
  • Summer camps
  • Municipal authorities
  • Regional Councils for Leisure and Sport
  • Social programs from the public authorities

    All these partners help the National Trail, or by maintaining it on certain portions.

    Many enterprises and individuals, as well as organizations, have made donations to the Trail. A special program for more funds has been initiated: people or organizations will adopt a certain number of kilometers of trail, and will receive a sponsorship certificate.

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